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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring a Workers Comp Lawyer

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5 Mistakes to avoid when hiring a workers comp lawyer in Wilmington

Going through the ordeal of a work-related injury or illness is bad enough. To make things worse, you have to practically fight for your claims and benefits. You can’t do this on your own.

You need to hire a lawyer in Wilmington specializing in workers’ compensation, which is not an easy task. Here are some mistakes to avoid ensuring you hire the best person for your case.

1.    Insufficient research

Yes, the internet is indeed a great resource to find your lawyer. It applies if you use it to learn more about potential attorneys and not believe everything upfront.

Visit prospective lawyers’ websites to gather more information once you narrow down your options. Look for and read testimonials from former clients.

Websites should not entirely influence your choice, but give you an idea of the person’s experience, professionalism, and track record.

2.    Not selecting a specialized attorney

Don’t hire just any lawyer you find. Hire someone dedicated to handling worker’s compensation claims. They are familiar with and updated with the intricacies of the related laws.

They are also familiar with the board and local judges. They will also be familiar with local medical practices.  Their links give you better medical treatment and a better chance of claiming the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

3.    Not asking for recommendations for an experienced workers comp lawyer in Wilmington

Don’t make the mistake of not asking friends, family, and colleagues for referrals for an experienced workers comp lawyer in Wilmington. While you can still find attorney information by picking up your local yellow pages, the digital age has made things easier. You can find information on most attorneys by reviewing various social media accounts, using google (or your preferred search engine) and by reviewing their website(s). Word of mouth will always be a great way to obtain information. They mostly rely on word-of-mouth and referrals to get new clients.

4.    Not correctly using the free initial consultation

Don’t make the mistake of not asking questions during the meeting. Not only will the lawyer ask questions, but you should also treat it as your interview of the lawyer.

Remember, you will eventually be paying them, so ask questions like how many years of experience they have handling workers’ compensation claims, ask if they will be working on the case or assigning paralegals for most of the proceedings. Most importantly, ask them to explain the workers’ compensation claim process and their fees.

A workers comp lawyer in Wilmington doesn’t usually charge for unsuccessful cases. But it’s always better to ask and confirm before proceeding.

5.    Hiring the first lawyer you meet

No matter how good the first lawyer may seem, always interview a few others before finalizing your choice. Use their initial free consultation to discuss your case with them and select someone who inspires confidence in you. You never know. The next lawyer may be more experienced, professional, and capable.

Now you know the five common mistakes to avoid while looking for an experienced workers comp lawyer in Wilmington. Use it to your advantage to select the right person to help you claim the benefits you rightfully deserve.

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North Carolina Bankruptcy Lawyers

It all depends on your current situation. Without a doubt, filing for bankruptcy can be a lifesaver when in serious debt. It will wipe the slate clean, stop collection phone calls and letters, and give you a fresh new start. Almost any type of consumer debt can be discharged, such as credit card bills and medical debt, which are dischargeable via bankruptcy. The majority of people get to keep all of their property, including their house and car. But, whether to file for bankruptcy, when to file, and how-to file are all extremely important things you need to consider. The financial circumstances, future expectations, and personal expectations of each individual need to be carefully assessed. It also depends on what type of debts you have. If most of your debt is non-dischargeable (most tax debts, student loans, child or spousal support, etc.), then Chapter 7 bankruptcy, at least, may not be the best option. But Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be a good solution. Ultimately, of course, the decision whether to file for bankruptcy must be made by the individual or couple, not by friends, family, or a lawyer. 

With that in mind, we recommended that those considering bankruptcies consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney before making this decision. The bankruptcy laws themselves can be complex and are poorly drafted, and have been interpreted differently depending on the jurisdiction. The required forms are numerous and require accurate, detailed current information.  A good attorney will never try to “rush” his or her potential client to file for bankruptcy. Instead, the attorney should thoroughly evaluate the circumstances of the client and explain the bankruptcy process, including the pros and the cons. Only in this way can people considering bankruptcy make the best decision for themselves and their families. Of course, there are scenarios in which, even if you have fallen behind on your bills and accumulated significant debt, bankruptcy may not be the best option. However, if you can answer yes to some or many of the following questions then bankruptcy may indeed be a good option for you. 

Are you significantly behind on your credit card payments or other payments? Has your credit card company or another creditor/debt collector sent you a default notice, or threatened to sue you? Has a creditor assigned your debt for collection? Are you being sued by a debt collector or its attorney? Do you have judgments against you for unpaid debts? Are your wages being garnished or threatened with garnishment? Have you recently lost a job, suffered an illness or a disability, and had debts pile up? Are you stressed out about your debts and concerned about your ability to pay them? Have you incurred significant medical bills that you are afraid you will not be able to pay? Has the stress of your debts caused arguments or turmoil in your personal life? Are debt collectors calling you, sending you letters, or harassing you? Do you need to free up money that you are paying to your creditors so you can afford your basic living expenses like mortgage/rent, food, and support for your family? 

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