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Wonderful Attorney

July 1, 2024

Jeffrey Bermann, of the King Law Firm, handled my divorce case last year. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Jeff was personable, pleasant, prompt and professional. He was always available, diligent and thorough. Not just a wonderful attorney, but a truly nice guy. He put me at ease, handled my strident ex-wife-to-be and her frequently nasty disposition with grace, and courtesy and made the whole experience quite effortless on my part. And his fees were extremely fair. I would recommend Jeff to anyone. Divorce is never pleasant, but Jeffrey Bermann made it much much easier. I can’t thank him enough!

Chris Behme

There when I needed him

July 1, 2024

Louis is very reliable. He handled my case speedily and I have had no issues since he’s had my case. I appreciate you and recommend highly.


Fastest stress free process

July 1, 2024

The services at KING was easy with every step. I hired them to do my divorce and they held my hand through the process. My husband resided in a different country and they made sure that my divorce was done within less than 2 months. I even recommended a friend of mine and even though he live in another county they still helped him find a place. I am so happy I found and chose them.


Advocates for their clients.

May 30, 2024

I hired King Law Firm for my Workers Comp 10-year-old case. I have been working with Barbara the whole time and she has been awesome. She has a down to earth attitude, but she knows the law inside and out. She truly works for their clients and what is best for them. I am so grateful for both King Law Firm for taking my case and for Barbara for making me feel cared for and getting me the treatment I needed. I am thankful to both of them for everything!

Deborah Shields

Exceptional service

March 22, 2024

I hired this firm for my SS case. I have had a great experience with Patricia she is on the ball, she’s very responsive to emails and sends paperwork to SS immediately.

Raymond Rubin