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After filing a workers’ compensation claim, there is unfortunately nothing that can guarantee your employer or their insurance provider will take it seriously or handle it correctly. A surprisingly high percentage of all workers’ comp claims will actually be denied for various reasons. If this happens to you and your claim, know that King Law Firm and our Jacksonville workers’ compensation attorneys can help you file an appeal for further review. If successful, you can be granted the workers’ compensation benefits you were initially denied with the possibility of additional funds provided as interest.

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When we are retained for a workers’ comp appeal case, we will want to:

Analyze your initial filing for accuracy.


Review the insurer’s response to know exactly why it was denied.


Compile evidence as to why the denial is unjust.


Prepare your case for litigation, just in case.

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Why Might a Workers’ Comp Claim Be Denied?

There are some insurance companies that try to deny a workers’ compensation claim without any valid reason. This is known as insurance bad faith and can be met with heavy regulatory penalties against the company if your appeal is successful in proving the denial was invalid. However, most denials are based on legal reasons that workers’ compensation attorneys may be able to argue do not actually apply to their client’s case.

Workers’ compensation claims are most commonly denied for:

Filing a claim with erroneous personal information provided.


Filing the claim outside of deadlines and statutes of limitations.


Filing a claim for a health condition not covered in your state’s workers’ compensation regulations.


Filing a claim after you quit or were terminated from employment. An employer who fires someone after a workplace accident runs the risk of being accused of illegal retaliation.


Filing a claim when your employment does not qualify you for workers’ compensation benefits.


Citing an injury that your employer says did not occur at work or due to a work-related duty.

The last reason for denial may be the most common. Employers and insurers can demand more evidence of your injury’s relation to work in hopes of dissuading your from appealing at all. Moving forward with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you avoid any additional delays.

Stand Up for Your Rights as an Injured Worker

No one cares more than our Jacksonville workers’ compensation attorneys when it comes to being there for injured workers in need. No matter your occupation or the injury you have suffered due to your employment, we can be the legal team that represents and guides you through your workers’ comp appeal. Find out just how much we can do for your case and claim by calling (910) 446-3080 and asking for an initial consultation with our team.