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In Wilmington North Carolina, we are hard-working people and taking care of our financial responsibilities is taken seriously.  Having an on the job injury can be very difficult not only for the injured worker but for the entire family.  Losing the ability to work and provide for your family can be hard to endure. Not being able to meet your monthly financial obligations is not only an extra added mental stress, but it also affects the your physical health as well and adds to the difficulty of your work injury.  Not to mention the difficulty one faces when trying to get workers’ compensation insurance approved.  

Ken King and his team of experienced Wilmington workers compensation lawyers understand the problems you are facing. Our 30 plus years of experience can help guide you through the complicated maze of workers comp insurance while assuring that all of the many forms are completed accurately and all filing deadlines met.  Our staff is here to answer your questions and make the worker’s compensation process as easy as possible.

Wilmington North Carolina is home to many types of work-related injuries.

Wilmington NC workers are subject to all types of work injuries that range from, Trip and fall at work, overexertion injuries such as strains and tears are common for both men and women. Bodily reactions that are usually caused when a worker reaks to avoid some type of mishap and sustain a sprain. Construction accidents are very common and can occur due to falling objects from the construction site, accidents from using hand machinery such as saws or jackhammers, heavy machinery accidents caused by trucks, bulldozers, and cranes used on the construction site. 

Who Qualifies For Wilmington Workers’ Compensation Insurance Benefits?

If You Work For a Company That Has Three Or More Employees Your Employer is Required To Carry Workers Compensation Insurance.

If I Am An Independent Contractor Am I Covered?

True Independent contractors are not covered under North Carolina Law

Please call King Law Firm today at (800) 635-1683 or contact us online to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our knowledgeable Jacksonville Workers’ Compensation lawyers.


Do I Need A Lawyer To Help File My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Workers’ compensation cases are very complicated. The process can be lengthy and any wrong information can cause long delays getting your case approved and in some instances, it can cause you to be denied benefits.  Filing deadlines are very strict and need to be completed in a timely manner. Taking care of your family and financial responsibilities is a priority.  Having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side is always recommended.

When you suffer any type of work injury it is very important that you first seek medical attention and then notify your employer of your injury.  You should also let your employer know that you plan on filing a worker’s compensation insurance claim.

What Do I Do If My Workers Comp Case Is Denied?

If you are denied your workers’ compensation benefits you will receive a denial letter in the mail. The letter will give you the reason(s) why you have been denied benefits as well as how long you have to file an appeal. By now it should be no secret that Workers Compensation Cases are complicated and having a board-certified workers compensation lawyer is highly advised. The next step would be scheduling a meeting with both your employer and the insurance company and try to come to some type of agreeable resolution.

Unfortunately, the appeal process can even more difficult than the original filing. If you and your lawyer are unable to come to an agreement with your employer and insurance company, a hearing will need to be scheduled with the judge. This is a very crucial process and doing so without legal representation can result in no benefits.  If not represented by an attorney, the judge will expect you to know and understand workers’ compensation law. 


Will I Ever Have To File a Lawsuit?

The law requires any employer who has three or more employees is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Unfortunately, not all employers follow this law. If this is your situation then you will need to file a lawsuit against your employer to recover, medical expenses, lost wages plus pain and suffering and in some cases, punitive damages. 

King Law Firm is an experienced Wilmington NC Based Workers Compensation law firm.  Our attorneys have over 30 years of experience assisting North Carolinians with their workers’ comp cases.  Our hours are flexible and if you are unable to visit our office due to your work injury, we also make hospital visits if necessary.

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