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Product Liability Lawyers in Jacksonville

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Product liability claims provide compensation for individuals harmed due to a product’s defective design, lack of or incorrect warning labels, or that have caused death or injury as a result of product use. Products can include an item purchased from a store, pets, intangibles (gas, electricity, etc.), and/or real estate.

Product liability claims and cases can evolve from a number of different and frightening causes. From products that can cause fire without proper warnings, to toxic baby toys or poorly tested auto parts and cars.

The following are just some of the product types that can cause injury or harm:

Household items

Cleaning products

Baby toys

Baby products


Defective medical devices








Auto parts

Car breaks/steering

Safety devices that don’t work

Electrical cords and power outlets

Christmas lights

Power tools

About Defective Products

Product liability claims most commonly involve defects in a product’s design, manufacturing, or marketing. In most cases, the injured party is allowed to recover financial compensation from the manufacturer and/or seller of the product. Since there can be multiple parties held liable for a defect, it is important that the individual handling your product liability claim understand the different types of claims available to be filed by your state law’s different rules and regulations.

The Jacksonville product liability attorneys at King Law Firm have the knowledge to properly evaluate your injury and determine if your claim involves strict liability, negligence, or a breach of warranty. Our attorneys will aggressively seek out all of the responsible parties for your injury and charge them appropriately. If needed, we will also work with other law firms and product liability attorneys to better serve our clients and to fight for the best possible outcome of a claim.

Why Hire King Law Firm?

Product liability claims can become expensive due to the time and manpower needed to perform investigations and research. This is one of the many benefits of choosing our firm to handle your product liability claim. Few people can afford to foot the bill for expenses in pursuit of their claim. However, by selecting King Law Firm to represent you and your claim, we will do that from the start!

Since King Law Firm is a contingency-fee based law firm, you will never have to worry about paying for our representation or case expenses until compensation is received from the settlement of your claim. If you don’t win, we don’t win! Thus, the injury attorneys at King Law firm will fight hard to win the maximum settlement possible for your product liability claim.

If you have been harmed by a product’s normal use or malfunction, we urge you to call one of our Jacksonville product liability lawyers and discuss your legal options. Our attorneys will explain your legal rights and help you take the steps toward recovery and compensation today!

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