Understanding the Role of Insurance Companies in Personal Injury Claims<br />

Understanding the Role of Insurance Companies in Personal Injury Claims

by King Law Firm

Understanding the Role of Insurance Companies in Personal Injury Claims

Dealing with injury claims can be quite overwhelming, especially when you’re facing injuries, distress and financial burdens. King Law Firm, a personal injury law firm based in North Carolina, has been assisting clients for over three decades by providing guidance and expertise throughout this process. One crucial aspect of personal injury claims revolves around insurance companies. It’s vital to comprehend their role to ensure compensation.

Explaining the Role of Insurance Companies

Insurance companies operate as businesses with the objective of making profits. They collect premiums from policyholders. Promise to cover losses or damages that may occur. In case an accident happens it is the responsibility of the insurance company representing the party at fault to compensate for any resulting damages.

However it’s important to keep in mind that while insurance companies may present themselves as being on your side their ultimate allegiance lies in maximizing their line. Their aim is to minimize claim payouts much as possible to maximize profitability.

Evaluation Process for Personal Injury Claims by Insurance Companies


Determining Liability; Initially the insurance company will assess who bears responsibility for the accident.

If they determine that their policyholder is, at fault they will then evaluate the value of the claim.

When examining records the reviewers will carefully go through all the documents and treatment plans to fully understand the extent of the injuries and estimate the associated costs. Insurance adjusters may question treatments that they consider unnecessary highlighting how important it is to have documentation, in cases.

In situations where injuries require treatment projected costs for expenses will be calculated.

Assessing non damages involves evaluating losses like pain, suffering, mental distress and a decrease, in quality of life.

The insurance company takes into account the policy limits. Even if the damages surpass these limits they are only obligated to pay up to a predetermined amount specified in the policy.

Insurance companies often employ tactics aiming to reduce payouts. Some common strategies include;


  1. Offering settlement amounts; They may present victims with an offer that may seem fair but might not adequately address their rights. They hope that individuals dealing with bills and lost wages will accept without understanding their entitlements.


  1. Questioning treatments; An adjuster might argue that certain medical treatments were unnecessary or dispute the severity of claimed injuries.

Assigning blame;

They might suggest that the victim shares some responsibility, either partially or entirely so as to minimize or eliminate their obligation to provide compensation.

How King Law Firm Can Provide Assistance

With more than thirty years of experience dealing with personal injury claims in North Carolina, King Law Firm has an understanding of how to navigate the complexities involved in dealing with insurance companies. Here’s what we can do to help;

Accurate Assessment; We ensure that we thoroughly evaluate all future damages when filing a claim.

Negotiation; We counter lowball offers and arguments put forth by adjusters to ensure that our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Enforcing Compliance; Insurance companies have obligations. We closely monitor their actions to ensure they adhere to practices.


Legal Representation in Court; If reaching a settlement through negotiation becomes challenging we are fully prepared to represent our clients in court.

While insurance companies play a role in handling injury claims their main objective tends to revolve around serving their interests. Navigating their tactics and understanding the intricacies of the process can be overwhelming. However, King Law Firm possesses the expertise and unwavering dedication needed to protect clients rights and secure them the compensation they deserve. Contact our office today for a 100% Free Consultation. 

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