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North Carolina Worker’s Compensation Lawyers

It’s virtually impossible to prevent an occasional accident, but staying safe at the workplace should always be a number one priority. By following safety tips, you can greatly lower the chance of having an injury on the job. The workers’ compensation attorneys at King Law Firm want to help make the workplace even safer with a few helpful recommendations.

If you are an environmental service employee, always make sure you place wet floor signs in the proper visible areas. Make sure all public areas are clear of debris or anything that could cause someone to trip and fall.

When operating machinery, always make sure you follow the proper safety guidelines established for the machine you are using, such as always have protective eyewear, safety gloves, etc. Never leave a machine unattended while it is running and always make sure you follow the proper procedures when shutting the machine down.

Be alert at all times. Although this is common sense advice, it’s often very easy to become familiar with your surroundings and not be as alert as you should be. Staying alert allows you to detect dangers that could pose a possible injury to you or a co-worker. 

When working outside, always be aware of your surroundings. Each year those who work outside are injured not only due to negligence of their own behalf but the negligence of the general public and co-workers. Never assume a situation is safe. 

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