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Coronavirus Bankruptcy Options

Coronavirus Bankruptcy Options The COVID-19 outbreak has brought with it unprecedented economic and employment strains. With very few viable long-term options for dealing with bills that cannot be paid, many Americans are considering their options for bankruptcy at no...

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COVID-19 Debt Relief Options

COVID-19 Debt Relief Options Nearly every American has been impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of them have experienced financial struggles. Whether they were already working hard to make ends meet or living comfortably, the economic devastation is...

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Can Chapter 13 Stop an Eviction?

Can Chapter 13 Stop an Eviction? Among all of your monthly expenses, rent is likely the most substantial. Falling on hard times can cause you not to be able to pay your rent. If you stop paying your rent, it will not be long until your landlord begins the formal...

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Can Bankruptcy Stop Auto Repossession?

Can Bankruptcy Stop Auto Repossession? For many people, car payments are one of the most substantial expenses that they pay each month. As such, if times get rough, these payments might be skipped. Although it might make sense to do so to get other more pressing bills...

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Filing Bankruptcy Over 55

Special Issues When Filing Bankruptcy When Over 55 Unfortunately, aging doesn't make individuals immune to financial challenges. The same financial problems that plague younger generations can also take their toll on Americans age 55 and older. However, older citizens...

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Five Dischargeable Debts in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Five Dischargeable Debts in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy For many, the purpose of filing for bankruptcy is to wipe away most debts. Bankruptcy is a legal option for Americans who are finding it difficult, for whatever reason, to pay off their debts. Often, these debts are...

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Can Bankruptcy Protect My House?

Can Bankruptcy Protect My House? Worries about losing your home are incredibly unsettling. Many people who are concerned that they might lose their house due to financial duress look for alternatives so that they can stay in their homes. One viable alternative for...

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What to Expect in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What to Expect in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? All types of bankruptcy options have basic things in common. However, each has its specific requirements and processes. If you are thinking about filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is reasonable to have many questions and...

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Bouncing Back from a Bankruptcy

Bouncing Back from a Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is a personal financial decision. For some individuals, it is the most responsible action to take in light of their circumstances. It is also an opportunity for a new beginning, and many filers feel a sense of freedom and...

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