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We represent and offer valuable counsel to different clients on any real estate issue. Our clients include individual and corporate buyers, sellers, contractors, developers, brokers, lenders, investors, and real estate agents who are interested in North Carolina real estate.


Real Estate Closings

Our team at King Law Firm performs the real estate closing. Our focus is on ensuring that the client receives property that is devoid of any encumbrance. Our team of experts also ensures that all of the agreed on terms and conditions are met within the stipulated deadline. This ensures a seamless, efficient, and expedient closing.

New Purchases

At King Law Firm we provide our clients with the legal expertise that they need to successfully purchase real estate assets. Buying real estate involves issues of practice that are not evident in other transactions. Our focus is therefore on ensuring optimal title work, preventing vague terms and contracts, and ensuring a reasonable asking price.


At King Law Firm we realize the challenges of refinancing mortgages. This is particularly due to the increase of refinancing scams that thrive on vagueness and non-disclosures. To prevent these hurdles, we negotiate new mortgage terms on behalf of our clients. We also oversee contract terms and provide our clients with legal advice during the process.

Eminent Domain

Our team of legal experts around North Carolina represents clients in all eminent domain issues. We have condemnation lawyers who are well versed in the complex laws and procedures that limit the use of the eminent domain. Our focus is on protecting the constitutional and statutory rights of our clients. Additional focus is on ensuring that clients who are willing to surrender their property to the government are given fair market value in a timely manner.

Buying and Selling Real Estate Advice

We give our clients buying and selling real estate advice to ensure that the buying or selling process is as efficient, favorable, productive, and seamless as possible. We also ensure that the buying and selling of real estate property are fair and amenable to our clients.

Title Searches

As part of our duty to protect our clients and advance their best interests, we retrieve documents that shed light on all relevant regulatory and legal issues including ownership and any conflicting interests. This ensures that our client is adequately protected in case they are buying or selling property that has structural issues or is located in problematic areas.

Real Estate Liens

Different types of liens can be placed on real estate. Our attorneys ensure that all liens are fully disclosed or the claims paid off before our client purchases the property. Our focus is on ensuring that these claims do not cloud the title to your property. Additional focus is on resolving any issues that may emanate from liens placed on joint tenancy, community property, or tenancy in common properties.

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