Landlord And Tenant Representation

We represent many commercial and residential landlords and tenants in North Carolina. We provide pertinent counsel on various matters including strategy development, property acquisition, property renewal, property disposal, portfolio development, relocation, displacement, property taxes, and all property negotiations. Our lawyers at King Law Firm protect the interests of our clients.


Commercial Landlord/Tenant Issues

At King Law Firm, we help different customers with commercial landlord and tenant issues. We resolve contentions emanating from commercial evictions and leases as quickly as possible. This is regardless of the size of the property or the size of the business. We also resolve issues revolving around estoppel certificates, letters of demand, non-payments, foreclosure notices, and improper charges. We ensure that these issues do not disrupt business operations. We also represent and protect the interests of our clients in any litigation emanating from commercial landlord and tenant issues.

Residential Landlord/Tenant Issues

At King Law Firm, we use prevailing laws, statutes, local ordinances, and safety and housing codes to ensure that your rights as a residential landlord or tenant are respected. We represent our clients in all residential cases. We have successfully handled cases in all areas of residential disputes. This includes cases over rent control and nonpayment. Contact us for a legal consultation if you think that your landlord or tenant is violating your rights.

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