Resolutions For Condominium And Homeowners Association (HOA) Disputes

Our dedicated team of legal experts has a lot of experience representing homeowners and homeowner associations in North Carolina. We offer valuable counsel in enforcing covenants, accommodating restrictions, collecting super-priority liens, judicial foreclosures, evictions, vendor contract management, construction contracts, and construction-defect litigation.


Representing Associations

Homeowners are protected by Homeowners Association Law. Our team of attorneys at King Law Firm ensures that the creation and enforcement of homeowner associations and their rules are done within the law. We possess the competencies and experience of ensuring this objective. Our attorneys have also represented homeowner associations in North Carolina on various issues pertaining to the formulation and enforcement of different rules including those touching on membership fees and fines.

Representing Owners

To ensure that your rights as a homeowner are protected, we ensure that you understand any provisions in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) of your homeowner association before you purchase any property. We also use litigation, mediation, or arbitration to resolve any contentions that violate your rights as a homeowner. We have successfully resolved different types of HOA disputes including those involving homeowner associations imposing rules that are not covered in the CC&Rs, failing to adhere to the CC&Rs, imposing unconstitutional demands, and discriminating against homeowners.

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