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Our goal at King Law Firm is simple: To advance the interests of our clients in the North Carolina real estate sector.

At King Law Firm, we offer expert advice on all legal matters concerning real estate issues. We give our diverse clients access to a team of attorneys and paralegals with decades of experience. This highly competent and experienced team guarantees legal expertise, complete dedication to our clients, and novel and diverse ideas. These tenets ensure that we provide our clients with customized solutions that advance their real estate interests, protect them, and address any concerns.

Our promises to clients are consistent in all our departments and services. To meet the needs of our clients and ensure that they are strategically placed in the real estate sector, we ensure that our team of experts has an optimal understanding of the real estate market as well as available opportunities and threats; possesses the legal competencies that are required to develop new, personalized, and forward-thinking solutions for each of our clients; and is fully committed and dedicated to meeting and surpassing the expectations of each our clients.

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Contact King Law Firm in any of our North Carolina offices for this personalized and expert counsel in any issue pertaining to North Carolina’s real estate transactions and disputes.

Our Strategy

Our focus at King Law Firm on real estate as a specific key sector ensures our exemplary understanding of North Carolina’s real estate law. This focus has allowed us to develop an exemplary reputation for our superior understanding of real estate issues as well as meeting the real estate needs of our clients.



At King Law Firm, we recognize the unique interests and goals of each of our clients. Everything we do is guided by the need to deliver optimal service and create value for our clients. We provide the due diligence, support, and legal guidance that you require.



King Law Firm, provide you with detailed profiles of experienced attorneys who are completely dedicated to working with you and meeting your real estate needs.



Our attorneys at King Law Firm, ensure that every transaction and proceeding adheres to federal and state laws and statutes. This is very important because the customs and laws of real estate vary between jurisdictions. Our commitment is first and foremost to protecting our clients and their assets and investments. 

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Each of our partners and attorneys at King Law Firm is greatly respected in their area of expertise. This ensures that we provide our clients with exemplary services. Our commitment to our core values and ethical standards, on the other hand, ensures that these client-centered services are provided at reasonable rates. We are very happy to introduce our team to our clients.

Satisfied Client Stories

I am very impressed with how this firm addressed my issues. I was particularly impressed by the efforts they made to communicate with me in every step of the process.

King Law Firm addresses all my real estate concerns. I am very busy and it is a big relief to entrust all my concerns to a trustworthy and confidential team of experts. I highly recommend them.

I was hesitant of engaging the firm because of my previous experience with a different law firm. Two years later, I am very impressed. King Law Firm always treats me like a big client and they listen to all my concerns.

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