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Father’s Rights in North Carolina

North Carolina family laws and courts reflect the importance of each parent in the lives of their children. While historically, mothers were given far more rights than fathers simply because of their gender and societal roles, fathers are finally getting the rights they deserve. In this state, mothers and fathers aren’t given preference based on gender. If you are a dad seeking to be involved in your children’s lives, this is excellent news.

Whether you are going through a divorce or were never married to your child’s mother, you need to be aware of your father’s rights in North Carolina. Fathers who aren’t aware often miss out on exercising the rights they are legally entitled to receive. The best way to learn more about your rights and protect them is to meet with and hire a seasoned North Carolina father’s rights attorney who can fight for you.

The Right to Be on the Birth Certificate

If you are the biological father of a child, you have the right to be listed on their birth certificate. In fact, it’s also in your child’s best interest that you are. Suppose your child’s mother is refusing this right. In that case, our North Carolina father’s rights lawyers can help you establish paternity through a genetic paternity test and legal documentation. Once it is established that you are the biological father, we will help you get your name on your child’s birth certificate.

The Right to Custody

North Carolina courts have no presumption as to whether the child’s mother or father will be a more fit custodial parent. Until a judge finds reason otherwise, both parents are considered fit and capable of caring for their kids. The bottom line is what is in the best interest of the children. You have a right to custody of your children just as much as their mother does. At the King Law Firm, our experienced North Carolina father’s rights lawyers aren’t afraid to fight for your right to have custody of your kids.

The Right to Child Support

Similar to child custody matters, mothers traditionally were the parent who received child support. However, just as custody has shifted to a non-gendered matter, so has child support. Who pays or receives child support is dependent upon custody and other financial issues between the parents. Depending on these matters, a father has the right to receive child support payments when appropriate.

North Carolina Father’s Rights Attorney

Unfortunately, many dads are unaware of their father’s rights in North Carolina. As such, they may lose out on time and relationships with their children or even the financial support they deserve. In some cases, it can even impact their children’s lives. Working with a North Carolina father’s rights lawyer can ensure that you are well-versed in your rights and pursue them through the courts. This serves to benefit both you and your kids. Don’t accept what someone is telling you about your father’s rights until you can speak with a well-versed attorney.

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