Five Grounds for Divorce

Five Grounds for Divorce

North Carolina law recognizes that no two divorces are alike. While most divorces have similarities, there are no cookie-cutter divorces. Each type of divorce has different grounds and requirements. When you hire an experienced North Carolina divorce attorney, you can be assured that you are seeking the right divorce for you and utilizing the right legal solutions.

North Carolina’s Two Types of Divorce

North Carolina recognizes two different types of divorce; absolute divorce and divorce from bed and board. An absolute divorce is the final end to a marriage that ends with a divorce decree. Matters of child custody, asset division, and spousal support will be addressed in these divorces. In an absolute divorce, there are only two options for grounds for divorce; incurable insanity and separation for one year.

On the other hand, divorce from bed and board isn’t an official divorce. It’s actually a legal separation. It typically involves the same types of matters as an official divorce. However, there are five grounds for divorce from bed and board.

Five Grounds for Divorce from Bed and Board

Abandonment, Desertion, or Turning Out

This ground for divorce from bed and board applies when one spouse:

  • Abandons the family
  • “Turns the other spouse out of doors”
  • Leaves suddenly without justification or the consent of the other spouse

Cruel or Barbarous Treatment

How one spouse treats another can give rise to this grounds for divorce from bed and board. If one spouse behaves in a manner that endangers the life or the physical well-being of the other spouse, they may use this ground. It typically involves physical violence, but not always.


This is a “catch-all” ground for divorce. An indignity is typically an action that renders a spouse’s condition intolerable and burdensome. Acts such as the following can be considered an indignity:

  • Humiliation
  • Persistent verbal abuse
  • Recurring false accusations of adultery

Drug Abuse

Sometimes a spouse excessively uses drugs or alcohol, so much so that it renders the sober spouse’s living conditions intolerable. In these cases, a divorce from bed and board is appropriate on such a ground.


If one spouse can adequately prove that the other committed adultery, they can ask for a divorce from bed and board on the grounds of adultery. A skilled North Carolina divorce lawyer can often help establish this fact.

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