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Dangers of 18-Wheeler Blowouts

The Dangers of 18-Wheeler Blowouts Driving can present many dangers and hazardous situations. You have to worry about other drivers maneuvering erratically, construction work, animals crossing the road, and inclement weather.  Even though you may not think about it,...

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Fast-Food Slip-And-Fall Accidents Can Happen

North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers A person from another state recently claimed that she suffered injuries at a local fast-food establishment due to the carelessness of the staff.  She recently filed a lawsuit against the fast-food establishment, seeking damages...

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Preventing Pedestrian Accidents On Halloween

  North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers Every Halloween night, a parade of costumed children and adults flood the streets in pursuit of sugary treats, spooky parties, and a ghoulishly good time. However, Halloween isn’t all fun and games and trick-or-treating....

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