Preventing Pedestrian Accidents On Halloween

— Oct 2, 2018

North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers

Every Halloween night, a parade of costumed children and adults flood the streets in pursuit of sugary treats, spooky parties, and a ghoulishly good time. However, Halloween isn’t all fun and games and trick-or-treating. Various safety groups release warnings each year about the increasing number of injuries and fatalities associated with this holiday—and the danger has nothing to do with ghosts going bump in the night. The most dangerous hazard to pedestrians is, as usual, cars and trucks.

At King Law Firm, our Jacksonville pedestrian accident attorneys have created a list of important safety tips to help pedestrians and drivers avoid unfortunate accidents on Halloween night.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

If you and your children are planning to mosey through neighborhoods or urban areas this Halloween, you may want to review this helpful list before your departure:

Prepare a safe travel route in advance.
If you can, plan a group outing with friends or fellow neighborhood parents. As they say, there is safety in numbers, and a driver has a better chance of seeing a group than a single person.
Keep track of any children who may dart out into the street.
Wear a bright costume that is easy to see in the dark. If you can, attach reflective tape so drivers have a better chance of noticing you.
Carry a flashlight or a glowstick, particularly if you’re in a dark area. This can help you avoid tripping hazards and a car accident.
Stay on well-lit sidewalks and only cross the street at designated areas.

Safety Tips for Drivers

To guarantee a safe Halloween, both pedestrians and drivers need to be absolutely focused on their surroundings. We’ve compiled this list to help drivers avoid unfortunate pedestrian accidents:

Stay alert in residential and urban areas, particularly between 5:00 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Drive very slowly and look out for people wearing dark costumes.
Turn your headlights on even if it isn’t dark. This can help you see pedestrians at greater distances.
Avoid using your cell phone or participating in other dangerous distracted driving behaviors.
Watch out for costumed children thoughtlessly darting into the streets.
Be wary of distracted pedestrians jaywalking or crossing streets, especially if they are using their cell phones.

Injured on Halloween? File a Claim.

The Jacksonville pedestrian accident lawyers at King Law Firm have been representing personal injury claims for over 30 years. Our firm has successfully recovered over $50 million in damages on behalf of our clients. If you’re injured by a driver this Halloween, contact our attorneys to explore your legal options.

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