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The days on only seeing a dashcam car chase in a big-budget Hollywood movie are long gone. These days dash cams are standard equipment in most new automobiles. Dash cams are widely becoming one of the most common forms of evidence used in automobile accidents.  If your automobile isn’t equipped with a dashcam, you can easily and most importantly affordably install one yourself.   This is a fast-growing market and there are many available choices for the consumer.  Take a look at this video review.



Aside from being a huge safety addition to any automobile, dash cams serve a great purpose in capturing and preserving evidence in the event of an auto accident. Below are a few reasons why these devices are an essential addition you need to consider.


1.) Capture and Preserve Auto Accident Evidence.

The top reason why most people install a dash camera in their cars is for video footage, especially during accidents. Of course, incidents while driving are inevitable no matter how much of a careful driver you are. Another car, a bicycle, other vehicles, or a pedestrian may be involved in an accident with you.


Proving who is at fault during accidents is a lot easier when you have a dashcam. The video can capture which party is negligent in the streets. It is advantageous because the other party is most likely to deny or reason out. However, if you have a dashcam, you have clear evidence of what really took place during the incident.


2.) Proof For Your Insurance Provider

The only time you can make use of your insurance is when an unfortunate incident takes place. But, what if you end up having no claim just because you cannot prove it? Insurance companies may try to give you less compensation than you deserve. If you have video footage to show the exact situation during the incident, you can easily defend your claim.


Dashcams are also helpful in preventing insurance fraud, especially against people who are good at scams. These people pretend to be in an accident so they can extort money from drivers or car owners like you. Consequently, dash cams can conveniently support you with your insurance claims in case of an accident.


3.) Protection Even When You Are Not In The Automobile

Dashcams nowadays have evolved so you can keep them turned on 24/7. A lot of accidents can happen even when you’re just parked. The risks are higher if you have to park on the side of the streets since parking spaces are not always available everywhere you go. Small dents to significant damage to your car can be done, and with a dashcam, you can easily identify and track down who is at fault.


Even if the risks of physical injuries are slim, you may still incur expenses with your valuables. Car damages when parked can be as severe as damages during car collisions. The dashcam in your vehicle will serve as a security while you are parked in public spaces.


4.) Additional Safety And Security

Think about the safety and security you feel whenever you know that there is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in an establishment. That is how a dash cam works in your car.


Newer technology can even send live footage straight to your phone or laptop device while you are away from your vehicle. The recordings from your dashcams are instrumental in insurance, for court and other instances when you need to prove something. The convenience that dashcams give you truly makes it a worthwhile investment. The cost of a hundred dollars will be far less than your insurance claim if you get involved in an accident.


More than anything, however, the dash cam can buy you peace of mind. No need to worry about driving amid a lot of cars, driving in the middle of the night with no one else in view, leaving your car parked somewhere, and such. You would always feel safe and secure with a dashcam.



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