North Carolina Bankruptcy Lawyers

Credit card debt is a huge problem facing so many Americans.

Credit cards are easy to use and unfortunately, very easy to get.  Credit cards are have become a very popular way to make payments. E-commerce among others relies almost 100%  on credit card payments.

Over the last few years, many utilities now allow customers to make automatic payments with a credit card every month.

Considering how many consumers us Credit Cards to make common purchases each and every day with credit cards, it’s easy to understand why credit card debt can get out of hand very quickly.  However, there are available options for consumers who have a desire to eliminate their debt.


Most credit cards can have between a 10% and 30% interest rate. If a debtor chooses to make the minimum payments each month, a credit card debt of $3,500 can take up to 31 years to pay off.  Other considerations such as late payments can result in late fees, an increase in that cards interest rate, and can even cause interest rates on other credit cards to greatly increase.

These primary factors can turn a few credit card purchases into a major financial nightmare within a very short time.


The first step is to contact an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

An experienced debt relief lawyer can find ways to eliminate the overwhelming weight of credit card and other debts.  Our experienced attorney can help clients decide whether the best option is to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or find other ways to relieve your financial burdens.

It’s worth noting that under Chapter 13 a debtor can make regular payments, free of interest, without the risk of losing valued possessions.

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