5 reasons you need a divorce lawyer

3 Reasons That You Need a Divorce Attorney in North Carolina


Representing yourself in your divorce can be a complicated process. Having an experienced family lawyer guide you through the process can help your chances for a favorable outcome. If your marriage was short, you have no children or assets, neither party wants to receive spousal support from the other, or if you’ve both agreed on ending the marriage without a financial battle, you may be able to use court provided documents or information from credible legal websites to process your own divorce. At a time when emotions run high, making important decisions that will affect the rest of your life is best left in the hands of an expert. Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring one of our exceptional North Carolina Divorce attorneys.


Hiring An Expert Can Help You Avoid Mistakes

North Carolina state laws do not necessarily support an even split of assets. However, if you elect to hire one of our experienced lawyers at King Law Firm, you can rest assured that you will be closer to receiving what you deserve during the divorce process. In fact, in some cases, a spouse might be entitled to income or retirement that the other spouse will benefit from in the future. People often make mistakes when completing their own divorce because the legal system is complex, and navigating through the emotionally stressful process can make it difficult to think clearly. In court, people who chose to represent themselves in their divorce cases do not get special treatment; in fact, they are held to the same standards as lawyers would be by the presiding judge. Putting your trust in one of our compassionate family lawyers will ensure that your case is being properly handled the first time and help you avoid making costly mistakes, so you end up with what you actually need out of the divorce.


Reduce Stress by Seeking Objective Advice

You may be experiencing a whirlwind of emotions during your divorce. Emotions are heightened in divorce cases which makes it difficult for the people involved to think objectively. Working through feelings of sadness, betrayal, fear, or depression during a divorce process will limit your ability to resolve critical issues and make important decisions about the future. One of our top-rated North Carolina divorce lawyers can act as an objective third party and help you work towards the best outcome for all parties involved. A good attorney will act as a buffer between you and the other side, preventing you from allowing your emotions to interfere with the case or cause you to have unrealistic expectations as far as the outcome of the case. During this challenging time, you want to take care of yourself, your mental health, and your family first; let us take care of all the complicated legal work.


Avoid Paperwork and Potential Delays

If you’re attempting to file for divorce on your own, it may feel like you’re being buried under a mountain of paperwork. Although, any person can access and use court-provided documents to begin the divorce process, significant issues can arise with completing the proper forms or providing the correct information. Filling out paperwork incorrectly or failing to have all the proper forms when a person goes to court may result in significant delays as the judge relies heavily on these documents to decide the outcome of your case. By hiring an attorney, you can avoid these types of problems and be sure that your legal documents are presented accurately in court and free of any errors that will make the final agreement difficult to enforce. One of our expert lawyers at King Law Firm can assist you in increasing your chances of presenting a favorable argument.

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