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A public defender is paid by the government and chosen by courts for cases concerning defendants who do not have the money to hire a personal attorney. Public defenders are often overwhelmed with their caseload and face numerous difficulties due to an underfunded public defense system.  In this short article, we will go over why you should avoid using a public defender if your Family, livelihood, and freedom is at risk.


Public defenders are assigned many cases

Public defenders are required to handle a large number of criminal defense cases. This leaves them overworked and they are not able to devote much time to one particular case. Many public defenders manage 90 to 200 plus cases at any given time. This translates to, your public defender may not have any of your case information when you meet before your court date. It is a fact that it takes time to prepare a strong legal defense.  But unfortunately, this is something public defenders do not have the luxury of having.


The majority of the public defender’s lack of specific practice area experience

While many public defenders are experienced lawyers, most do not focus on a specific area of law as private attorneys do. You may have a case that might require familiarity with a complicated area of law that your public defender has never had experience with.  This alone puts your case at a huge disadvantage when you appear before a judge.


Lack of helpful Resources

Almost all Criminal defense cases require access to wide-ranging resources to examine and prepare your case. This also includes hiring experts and additional assistants to help with your defense strategy. Public defenders must request and get approved for funds that are associated with their client’s defense. If their request is denied, (as it is in many instances) it can have a considerable impact on the outcome of your case.


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