railroad exhaust exposure dangers

Railroad Exhaust Exposure Dangers

Generally, railroads contain conditions that may expose railroad workers to health hazards such as diesel exhaust fumes and asbestos from exhaling it in brakes, insulations, locomotives, and even in rail cars.

Specifically, railroad exhaust exposure has a harmful health impact on railroad workers, putting them at risk for cancer, such as colon cancer and lung diseases like mesothelioma. In fact, a 2019 study on diesel exhaust and lung function found that when compared with electric trains, exhaust exposure inside diesel-powered trains was related to diminished lung function and impact on heart rate.

Protections for Workers 

There are protections in place to prevent and address railroad exhaust exposure dangers. The federal government and states, including North Carolina, require that railroad employers ensure they follow standards to protect your health and safety. Additionally, under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA), employers must take reasonable care to ensure you, the employee, have a reasonably safe workplace. If you or a loved one was exhaust-exposed as a railroad worker, then you can benefit from having an experienced railroad exhaust attorney by your side. 

Next Steps 

There are important steps you can take if you have been possibly exposed to railroad exhaust dangers, including but not limited to: 

  •                 Seeking medical attention: Schedule an appointment with your physician or a specialist to be assessed for your reported signs and symptoms. Your health care providers will help you with testing, diagnosis, a treatment plan, and follow-up health care.
  •                 Contacting an experienced railroad exhaust attorney: A North Carolina licensed attorney familiar with railroad exhaust cases and FELA is best positioned to effectively advocate for your legal needs.
  •                 Saving your documentation: It is critical to keep records related to your railroad exhaust exposure, including medical records with your health care providers. These records contain critical information about the severity of the injury and are helpful for your attorney to have to build a strong case.

Value of Legal Assistance 

If you potentially have been harmed due to workplace diesel exhaust exposure, then an experienced railroad exhaust attorney can help you understand your legal options and best protect your legal interests. An attorney is beneficial to have on your side because the legal process is complex. 

Specifically, an experienced attorney can:

  •   Evaluate whether you have a claim
  •   Gather and analyze evidence to determine exhaust exposure levels during your employment
  •   Calculate your financial injuries and help you obtain your rightful compensation to cover your damages
  •       Determine whether you have also been impacted by other health hazards on the job, such as asbestos
  •   Make sure that you file your claim within the statute of limitations

Speak to an Experienced Railroad Injury Attorney Today 

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