Having a Registered nurse as part of your legal team can be very beneficial

law firm registered nurse benefits

by King Law Firm

Having a Registered Nurse as part of your legal team can be very beneficial.

Not every personal injury law firm employs a registered nurse, but at King Law Firm, our Registered Nurse and Attorney, Caroline Cusick Crawford, is an integral part of our team and a valuable resource for our clients. 

What Is the Role of the Law Firm Nurse?

Although our nurse does not treat clients, she is often integral to their physical and legal recovery. Meet our Registered Nurse and Attorney, Caroline Cusick Crawford. Her role as a Registered Nurse includes but is not limited to: 

  • Conducts a thorough review of medical records in a timely and efficient manner. Medical records are important to the client for several reasons. A client seeking a financial recovery through the legal system after an accident will need to demonstrate how extensive the harm was done was, and prove that those injuries were caused as a result of the accident; this allows the justice system to attempt to value these injuries. We have an on-staff nurse who is willing to assist our attorneys and clients in this regard. In addition, many doctors’ appointments are rushed, which can make it difficult to remember all of your questions. In addition to their professional advice, a staff nurse can advise you on when you should follow up with your doctor, whether you should consult with other specialists, and what questions you should ask your treating physician.
  • Provides personal service to clients, assisting them to understand what the future may hold following their injuries.
  • Contributes to case discovery and expert witness work. Nursing experts know how to ask questions, demand answers, and communicate with patients.

Depending on the nature of your injury, one or more of these responsibilities may be beneficial to you if you were injured by a defective medical product, victims of medical malpractice, injured in a serious motor vehicle accident, or suffered from another form of negligence. 

Caroline Cusick Crawford, Registered Nurse & Attorney at Law

Caroline Cusick Crawford is both an Attorney at Law (JD) and a Registered Nurse (RN).  She studied law at Campbell University School of Law in Raleigh. Caroline’s nursing background and understanding of health-related matters equip her with compassion and insight as she counsels clients who are coping with family challenges, the loss of loved ones, planning for their futures, or addressing serious injury and end-of-life concerns. Caroline’s academic training includes a Bachelor of Arts in Communication/Journalism from East Carolina University, an Associate of Science in Nursing from Nash Community College, a Master of Nursing and a Master of Healthcare Administration-Informatics from the University of Phoenix, and a Juris Doctorate from Campbell University’s School of Law.  

Caroline and the entire team at King Law Firm can help you get the compensation and benefits you deserve.

Our team is very fortunate to have Caroline as part of it, as she works on every case where her expertise can be useful. At King Law firm, we approach every client the same way. Each of our attorneys, paralegals, nurses, and other staff members is involved in each case. We are committed to utilizing all of our resources, including our staff nurse, in order to focus on each individual case and to provide each individual client with the attention and care necessary to recover as fully as possible following an injury. 

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