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How To File A Workers’ Compensation Claim In North Carolina

Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

How To File A Workers’ Compensation Claim

Do you or your loved one have a workplace injury? If yes, then you need to file for workers comp. You should file if you are a company employee, got hurt while at work or performing job-related duties, or if you fell ill because of your work.

Workers ’comp covers most workplace injuries like slips, falls, and continual strain injuries. Yet different states have their time limits for reporting a claim.

Besides, workers comp insurance doesn’t cover certain conditions like:


  • Injuries inflicted while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Purposely inflicted self-injuries
  • Injuries occurring while commuting to or from work
  • Injuries because of an employee’s behavior that violates company policy

How to file a workers’ compensation claim

With millions of workers comp claims filed every year, most US states need businesses to have workers comp insurance. It protects the business and employees from expensive workplace injury and illness costs.


The filing procedure is the same throughout the US. But it may vary because of the injury situation and state. So make sure you know your state requirements before filing.

The four steps of the general procedure are to:

1. Get treated

First, get yourself treated. If necessary, call an ambulance or go to the emergency room. Give yourself time to heal, and then report the matter to your insurance carrier as soon as possible.

2. Notify your employer

Next, notify your employer within 30 days in North Carolina. Provide your employer with information like the date, time, and kind of injury and how it happened.

3. Fill out and submit official papers

Your employer will provide the necessary paperwork to apply for workman’s comp. They need to provide essential company information. It includes their account number, parent company name, and policy number.

Provide information like your name, DOB, address, phone number, and age. Also mention your gender, SSN, and marital status with the number of dependents. Don’t forget to mention your hire date, present work position, and current wages.

Besides, provide accident details like date and exactly when and where it occurred, and who reported it to the employer. Specify the type of injury like if it’s a burn or cut, the exact injured body part, and what caused the injury like a fall.

Mention the names of any witnesses, and if there’s a reason to question the injury. 

Other required information includes the number of days lost because of the injury, the expected work return date, and your treatment facility’s name and contact details. 

Your employer has to report the matter and send all pertinent information to their insurance company within the state’s timeframe. 

The insurance provider then investigates the claim circumstances, and either approves or denies the request.

4. Notice of claim status

Employees are either paid for medical and disability costs or issued a denial request notice. You can appeal or request the insurer to review a denied request.

Now that you know how to file a workers’ compensation claim don’t waste time. It’s even better to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer if you or your loved one has a workplace injury. They can file the claim while you focus on recovery or other matters. 

King Law Firm has been helping North Carolinians for 30+ years. Attorney Ken King and Attorney Leah King are both Board Certified Workers Compensation Specialists. The state of North Carolina recognizes both as experts in this area of the law. Don’t risk your Workers’ Compensation case with just anyone.


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