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Types Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Wilmington Injury Lawyers

Different Types of Workers Compensation Benefits.

The first thing that pops to mind if you are eligible for workers’ compensation is what types of benefits you stand to receive. With each state having intricate details, it’s better to consult with your workers’ compensation lawyer in Wilmington, NC.

The different types of workers compensation benefits are:

1.   Lost wages benefits

It is when you were out of work because of the work-related injury that you get lost wages. It would be a percentage of the wages you would have earned if you weren’t injured.

It’s usually determined based on your prior year’s wages, where you receive two-thirds of it. You receive payments, as frequently as you received wages until you return to work.

2.   Medical bills benefits

Workers comp pays for reasonable surgical and other medical services related to your work-related injury or illness. It may vary between states but generally includes doctor visits, surgeries, and medications.

Workers comp may also cover equipment like a wheelchair, and services like counseling, acupuncture, and pain therapy to deal with the injury. However, you may need an attorney’s help to get coverage for experimental or investigative treatment.

Some states decide if you or your employer can choose the health care provider or not. Some states regulate how much the provider pays for your treatment.

1.   Rehabilitation benefits

Rehabilitation benefits pay for medical and therapeutic care like physical therapy for injury recovery. Some states also pay vocational rehabilitation and training for another job if the injury prevents you from returning to your current position.

2.   Disability benefits

Disability benefits compensate for wages lost because the illness or injury prevents you from working. Your disability benefits equal to two-thirds of your wages. However, you usually end up receiving as much as your usual wages because you don’t pay income tax.

It’s divided into four categories:

  1. Temporary total disability where you can’t work for a limited period, and ends when you recover or your doctor says you won’t thoroughly improve. Most workers’ comp disability benefits are from this category.
  2. Temporary partial disabilities apply where you cannot do your regular job for some time, but you can still do some work.
  • Permanent partial disability is permanent damage inflicted by the injury or illness, which partially impacts your work abilities.
  1. Permanent total disability applies where permanent damage prevents you from returning to your job. You, however, needn’t be entirely disabled or unable to work to receive these benefits.

3.   Death benefits

Death benefits are provided to the employee’s financially dependent relatives if he dies as a result of the work-inflicted injury. It’s usually a percentage of the deceased workers’ earnings. While some states have maximum and minimum amounts, others provide a lump sum.

With so many types of workers comp benefits and detrimental factors, it’s always better to be careful while making claims. Insurance companies are still trying to pay you the minimal amount possible. An experienced workers compensation lawyer in Wilmington, NC, can help you get the maximum compensation.

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