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SSI Benefits

Rated 5 out of 5
mayo 5, 2021

I just wanted you to know that after reviewing several Law Firms in Jacksonville NC, I was very pleased with my selection with King Law Firm. From the very beginning, the staff there were vey professional, especially Amanda Mc Gregor who coached me through the entire process. After my daughter was denied SSI benefits 3 times, you took the time to inform me on all the necessary information/ paperwork the attorney needed prior to her presenting the case to the judge, which helped get my daughter’s SSI benefits approved. This was such a great team working together for me and Destiny.
I can’t thank you and your stall enough for a job well done. Thank You!!

Terrie Witcher

Do not waste your money

Rated 1 out of 5
abril 8, 2021

SAVE YOUR MONEY And go to a different law firm. Or ensure you get a lawyer other than Mr. Heckart. I Contacted king law firm and met with Mr. Kevin E heckart a year ago for a child support case . When he spoke he made it seem as if we had a smooth case going in but suggested we extended the court day for an extra month but I felt confident walking out of his office with the way he said he would handle the case . Since then my child support case has not been resolved even tho he was paid the full amount on the first meeting, it had been extended on every court day since “ due to him and the other party lawyer not agreeing in an amount “ . Other party never turned in a single receipt for childcare yet mr Heckart kept taking the word of the other lawyer stating there was a certain amount of child care being paid by the other party. On September of last year I had a court hearing and I walked out of court with an amount the other party would have to pay a month ( much lower than mr heckart initially stated but at least I thought it was resolved. After two months of not receiving any payment I attempted to contact my lawyer and his assistant and got no response in return eventually in December I was able to reach mr Heckart at which time he stated that once I left the court room the other party lawyer stated the other party was also paying for day care on his end so child support needed to be discussed again so they cancel the amount he was suppose to pay even tho there was no proof of amount paid . Another time once I express I just wanted the child support agency to dictate an amount rather than lawyers agreeing with each other. I was told by his assistant due to their long professional relationship they rather agree between themselves and once again court ended up being postpone due to my lawyer making a “ doctor appointment “ during my scheduled hearing. I was schedule for court once again and I just received a call stating they postponed the hearing once again until may. If as a single parent you are filing for child support is not out of desire but rather as a necessity and it’s very discouraging when you find a way to come up with the money to seek a lawyer to resolve an issue and for a year they done everything but what they committed to do when they received the payment for their services .


Service above Self

Rated 5 out of 5
febrero 5, 2021

Thank you so much for your assistance. We were very happy with the service and outcome of our case. Justin, while stepping in late, was a very helpful and professional. Thank you again! We will certainly look to him for assistance in other matters.

Barbara Dresser

Well pleased

Rated 5 out of 5
febrero 4, 2021

My husband and I were very satisfied with the outcome of his disability claim. The aide who also helped us, named Amanda McGregor seemed to become like family over the course of time of having to fill out forms and answer questions. It seemed so good to be dealing with people who actually acted like they cared! I referred this firm to a good friend of mine who was in serious need of help. They also were successful in helping her. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing help.

Denise Naylor

Thank you to Robert and Patricia

Rated 5 out of 5
enero 20, 2021

Thank you to Robert and Patricia for all your hard work on my case and bringing it to a close. You have done an exceptionally amazing job on this case and thanks to you I can go forward with peace of mind. Thank you again Robert and Patricia

Bradley McCray