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Wrongful Death Attorney – North Carolina

Our firm represents many clients in North Carolina in wrongful death cases. We can assist you in obtaining compensation for your injuries as personal injury lawyers. If a member of your family has died due to someone else’s negligence, we can help you pursue a lawsuit and hold those responsible accountable.

When you work with King Law Firm, you have a law firm on your side with more than 40 years of experience handling the most complex litigation matters. In addition to our extensive experience, we have a long history of success. Over the past three decades, our attorneys have pursued compensation for our clients by challenging negligent healthcare providers, insurance companies, and well-funded organizations.  

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The Process of Determining Fair Compensation for Wrongful Death

A wrongful death case will be assessed to determine its merits, including causation and liability. The medical records will be reviewed by a reputable physician as well as renowned experts. Using our findings, we develop a strategy to pursue your case against the responsible parties.

We can begin gathering information, consulting with experts, and exploring your legal options as soon as you contact us. When you contact our legal team early in the claims process, we will pursue the strongest possible case for you.

In order to determine the amount of your claim and fair compensation, we will diligently examine relevant medical records, insurance policies, and contractual agreements. We may also consult engineers, medical experts, and other specialists to determine the cause of death. Experts will be consulted to determine the amount of future wages that may be recoverable. We will seek as much compensation as possible in each case, but we will also hold all responsible parties accountable. Did your loved one suffer medical malpractice, a fatal car accident, a drowning incident, or abuse at a retirement home? It does not matter how complex the details of your situation are, we are prepared to guide you. Give us a call to find out whether you have a case.

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