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North Carolinians are known for taking pride in being independent and bearing their own financial responsibility. It can be very difficult when you have a work injury on the job and those abilities are taken from you.  Not having an income to take care of your family, pay your mortgage and monthly bills can be at the least, overwhelming. Although some think they can handle their Workers Compensation Claim themself, you probably need the assistance of an experienced Greenville NC Workers Compensation lawyer to assist you with filing all of the proper forms and to make sure you do not miss any important deadlines that can disqualify you from receiving compensation.

Greenville North Carolina Has More Than Its Share Of Construction and Heavy Machinery Accidents.

The construction industry is always a large contributor to workers’ compensation cases. Workers are injured from large machinery, material falling from a building and even roadside accidents while performing road maintenance. The risks are endless in this industry.  King Law Firm accepts all types of workers’ compensation cases. Our workers’ compensation lawyers in Greenville NC have years of experience with all types of work injury cases.

Who Is Eligible For Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Greenville NC?

Employers with Three or Move Employees are required To Have Workers Compensation Insurance.

This basically means that if you are employed in the State of North Carolina and your employer has more than three working employees he is required to ensure his employees for workers’ compensation insurance benefits.  It’s the law.

Are Independent Contractors Covered?

Unfortunately, a true Independent Contractor is not covered under North Carolina Workers Compensation Insurance.

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Why Do I Need An Attorney To Help File My Claim?

The process of filing a workers compensation claim in North Carolina is very complicated, all forms must be correctly filled and returned to the correct office. Medical records, as well as many other documents to be submitted that prove you are injured and the injury, was work-related.

When you are injured on the job it is very important that you notify your employer of your injury immediately.  You should also let your employer know you plan on filing a worker’s compensation claim. Often when a claim is filed, the employer and insurance company will deny your claim. Employers and Insurance companies will often use any excuse necessary to avoid liability, even more so if you are facing a permanent disability or an injury that requires expensive surgery and hospital stay. The bottom line is, you need an experienced Greenville NC Workers Compensation Lawyer on your side, helping you fight this battle.

If My Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied What Do I Do?

If your workers’ compensation filing is denied you will receive a denial letter that will state the reasons your claim was denied and how long you have to file an official appeal.  Workers’ compensation filings are difficult, but I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now. The priority now will be to schedule a meeting with both employer and insurance company and determine if an agreement can be reached.

This is when you need an experienced lawyer with you. The appeals process is even more rigorous than the original filing and if an agreement isn’t reached in the meeting, you will have to attend a hearing before the judge. It’s your responsibility to either know and understand the law or have a competent lawyer representing you.

Is There Any Chance I Might Have To File A Lawsuit?

Although employers with three or more employees are required to carry workers’ comp insurance, we sometimes have cases where the employer neglected to carry insurance. With this type of situation, you would need to file a lawsuit against your employer to recover, medical expenses, lost wages plus pain and suffering and in some cases, punitive damages.

King Law Firm is an experienced Greenville NC Based Workers Compensation law firm.  Our attorneys have over 30 years of experience assisting North Carolinas with their workers’ comp cases.  Our hours are flexible and if you are unable to visit our office due to your work injury, we also make hospital visits if necessary.

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