railroad chemical exposure attorney

Railroad Chemical Exposure Attorney 

Railroads played a critical role in the industrial revolution and the growth of the American economy. The railroads have been an integral part of the transportation of goods from place to place for centuries, and still are today.

Unfortunately, many of these jobs in the railroad industry expose workers to hazardous chemicals. Exposure to toxic chemicals is a recurring risk associated with the railroad business, whether it is the result of working with hazardous materials or an accident. Railway workers, railroad employees, mine workers, steel mill workers, chemical plant workers, oil refinery workers, shipyard workers, and textile factory workers are at risk, among others. An experienced lawyer could help with filing a toxic chemical exposure lawsuit.

A dangerous chemicals lawyer could help you seek compensation if you or a loved one have been exposed to hazardous chemicals while working on the railroad. In addition to gathering evidence, they could consult with medical professionals and find a correlation between your health conditions and the exposure. A skilled railroad injury attorney could prove negligence in court and help you hold railroad companies accountable in court.

Toxic Chemical Exposure Attorney 


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Making a claim for damages

The railroad industry is unique compared to most other industries. Unlike most workers who are protected by workers’ compensation laws, railroad employees are required to sue their employers directly in a federal court to recover damages.

The Federal Employers Liability Act of 1908 provides that a United States District Court has jurisdiction over complaints alleging that a railroad employee suffered an injury while on the job. It does not mean, however, that a company is responsible just because an injury occurs on the job.

An employer’s negligence must instead be proven by the plaintiff’s hazardous chemicals lawyer. A toxic chemical exposure lawsuit can include:

  • Handling hazardous chemicals without proper training
  • Failure to provide adequate safety equipment
  • An accident caused by a lack of preventative maintenance
  • When performing day-to-day work, hazardous materials must be used
  • An injury that is not treated promptly by emergency services
  • Injury and illness claimants can seek compensation from their negligent railroad employers with the help of an experienced hazardous chemical exposure lawyer.
  • Dangerous Substances a Railroad Worker Might Face

Railroad work continues to be a labor-intensive occupation. While much of the railroad’s work can be done with technology, many tasks still require muscle power. Employees living near their workplaces may be exposed to toxic substances problems. 

Among the substances that railroad workers may encounter are asbestos, diesel fumes and exhaust, coal dust and sand dust (silica) as well as fumes from solvents and welding operations.

If you have been exposed to toxic chemicals for a sustained period of time, there is a risk of serious health problems. As a result of exposure to toxic materials from railroads and other occupations, railroad workers and other employees may develop diseases such as cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis, and more. The conditions that cause this kind of suffering can cause financial ruin, premature death, and undeserved suffering.

A maintenance crew may be most vulnerable to injury than general laborers. It is likely that these workers, who are responsible for the general maintenance of the railroad, will be exposed to a variety of hazardous substances, which may include weed killers, Round-Up, creosote, and other chemicals that are used to treat railroad ties and rails.

It is thought that the workers employed in the train maintenance shops are also exposed to hazardous substances on a daily basis. Workers performing welding may inhale toxic fumes during the welding process, and workers performing general maintenance may encounter cleaning solvents used to treat tarnished metal or wood. Railroad work still requires hand-maintenance of industrial components, which poses a serious threat to many workers. By seeking counsel from a tenacious toxic chemicals lawyer, these railroad workers could find out what caused their current health problems.

We can help you if you’ve been exposed to toxic chemicals

You should seek experienced legal counsel if you or someone you know has been harmed by toxic chemical exposure at work. Over the past two decades, the King Law Firm has fought for the rights of the injured. Our chemical exposure attorneys have gained a comprehensive knowledge of the laws and legal strategies necessary to help you obtain the most value from your claim or lawsuit. If you are unsure of the legal implications of your situation, we can assist you in determining them and provide you with advice on how to proceed.

You may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries by hiring a railroad injury lawyer. You may be able to establish a link between your health problems and your exposure to toxic chemicals while working for the railroad. If you have been exposed to a potentially harmful substance, your attorney may be able to pursue compensation from your negligent employer.

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Toxic Chemical Exposure Attorney 

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