Diesel Fume & Exhaust Exposure

Diesel Fume & Exhaust Exposure 

Are you suffering health problems as a result of exposure to diesel exhaust and fumes? Those workers involved in the rail industry, as well as those in other occupations who are exposed to toxic materials are at high risk for developing serious medical conditions, including lung cancer and other cancers. Among the debilitating and devastating consequences of these kinds of injuries are high medical costs, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, physical pain, emotional trauma for the injured and for the injury’s family, as well as premature death.

In the event that you or a loved one has been injured as a result of exposure to diesel fumes or exhaust at work, you may be entitled to compensation. For over thirty years, King Law Firm has been representing railroad workers and other injury victims. We can assist you in pursuing justice in court. If you have suffered losses or damages as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of others, you may be entitled to financial compensation. In order to determine whether we can assist you, we provide a free consultation where you can discuss your injuries with a railroad injury lawyer.

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Exposure to diesel fumes and its health effects

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its health assessment for diesel exhaust in May 2002 which concluded that diesel particulate matter was a “likely” carcinogen. As a result of its compound nature, diesel particles present a unique threat due to the presence of a carbon core, which acts as a magnet for numerous other toxins. In spite of the measures taken, the result is a hazardous mixture consisting of fine particles, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and many other toxic gases and metals.

These fumes contain fine particles that are linked to serious health impacts, ranging from respiratory ailments like asthma attacks to heart attacks, strokes, and even premature death. Approximately 21,000 premature deaths are caused yearly by particulate matter pollution due to diesel exposure, according to a report by the Clean Air Task Force. Diesel exhaust presents a lung cancer risk 7.5 times greater than all other air pollutants combined. Nearly 3,000 of these premature deaths are caused by lung cancer as a result of these exposures.

Diesel locomotives are responsible for a significant portion of diesel emissions. Additionally, the Clean Air Task Force report states that occupational exposure to diesel fumes is among the most significant environmental exposures, mainly associated with lung cancer. In contrast, a study of railroad workers indicates that diesel exposure may also have caused serious and permanent neurological damage.

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As well as these health risks, exposure to diesel exhaust fumes may also compromise the immune system, disrupting chemical signals and production of antibodies, ultimately impairing an individual’s ability to recover from illness.

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