North Carolina Child Molestation Lawyer

North Carolina Child Molestation Lawyer 

The behavior of your child may have changed. She may have started meeting privately with a coach or teacher. There may be instances where a child in foster care or daycare acts out sexually with smaller children, or that a child has become depressed in a new foster home. Some signs of child sexual abuse may go unnoticed for some time or may be misdiagnosed as a problem with discipline. Families and adult victims of child sexual abuse should be aware that claims can still be filed years after the abuse has stopped.

At King Law Firm, our North Carolina personal injury firm, we take child molestation cases seriously! Please contact our office if you have any knowledge or suspicion of child molestation. A team of professionals will work together to determine the truth. It is possible that a specialist will be called in to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the child and to ensure that tests are conducted for sexually transmitted diseases, including gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS. If we find anything concerning the child, whether you hire us to represent the child or not, we will make sure you understand all your options. First and foremost, we are concerned about the child’s safety and receiving the best treatment possible.

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A Civil Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Abuse

The damages from a sexually abused childhood cannot be compensated by a jury award or settlement. Psychologically, these cases are complex, as the child often has a close relationship with the abuser. However, by filing a civil claim against the abuser, you make it clear that your child is not at fault, that the molester is the bad guy, and that you are doing everything you can to hold the abuser responsible.

Many Of The Cases We Work On Involve Structuring Settlements That Can Include College Accounts And Purchasing Homes In The Children’s Names.

Who Will Hold The Parties Responsible For Your Child’s Sexual Abuse Accountable? 

Contact our North Carolina Child Molestation lawyer and arrange a consultation. At King Law Firm we will assemble a tea of litigators to get victims of molestation the help they need and hold those responsible accountable. Our North Carolina firm serves clients throughout the entire state of North Carolina. Our staff and the lawyers provide far more than legal services, giving our clients the support they need to survive and move forward.

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