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Let us protect your interests and help you avoid mistakes. You can rely on King Law Firm for comprehensive legal services in any matter related to North Carolina real estate.


Real Estate Law

We represent and offer valuable counsel to different clients on matters concerning real estate. We provide our clients with excellent services that guarantee your interests and rights are always protected.


Landlord And Tenant Representation

We represent commercial and residential landlords and tenants in North Carolina. We are fully committed to ensuring that the rights and interests of our clients are protected.


Homeowners Association Representation

Our dedicated team of experts has a great deal of experience representing homeowners and homeowner associations (HOAs) in North Carolina.

Why You Can Trust King Law Firm Our Values

Our core values at King Law Firm are professionalism, customer-centrism, and integrity.


  •  Customer Satisfaction: We strive to recognize and surpass the expectations of our clients. At King Law Firm, customer satisfaction is our first priority.
  • Competence: Our diverse team of real estate professionals has the professional competence and experience to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
  • Accountability: We are fully committed to meeting the goals and needs of each of our clients. Our team assumes complete responsibility for the tasks that are given to us.
  • Quality: We are fully committed to fostering a culture of performance excellence. We recognize that each of our clients has different needs and interests and we endeavor to meet these goals as defined by the client.
  • Efficiency: We collaborate with each of our clients to develop the most efficient solutions. Our devotion to efficiency promotes excellence and saves resources.
  • Professional ethics: Our conduct at King Law Firm is governed by the principles of law and the desire to meet our obligations. This is demonstrated by our complete commitment to confidentiality, accountability, transparency, respect, and honesty.

Years Of Experience With Various Cases

King Law Firm has a diverse team of attorneys who have a lot of experience in North Carolina’s real estate law. We have successfully handled a wide range of real estate issues. Our diverse team addresses the needs of hundreds of clients. This experience and diversity guarantee you access to the quality representation in North Carolina that you deserve.

Real Estate Legal Practice Areas

We advise and represent both individual and commercial real estate buyers, sellers, contractors, developers, brokers, lenders and investors, and agents. Our team of experts is well versed in all matters concerning the sale, buying, ownership, and leasing of residential and commercial buildings, houses, land, and natural resources. Our expertise in the following areas is undisputed: sales and acquisitions, the evaluation of titles and negotiation of title insurance policies, land use, and environmental laws, development, and construction agreements, the negotiation and preparation of different types of leases, the representation of lenders and borrowers in real estate finance matters, the structuring and negotiation of joint venture contracts, restructuring, and litigation including eminent domain proceedings.
Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

We offer valuable counsel to legal issues pertaining to sales and acquisitions, the evaluation of titles and negotiation of title insurance policies, representation of lenders and borrowers in real estate finance matters, structuring, and negotiation of joint venture contracts, restructurings, and litigation including eminent domain proceedings.

Real Estate Law

Homeowners Association Representation

We offer valuable counsel in issues such as enforcing covenants, accommodating restrictions, collecting super-priority liens, evictions, judicial foreclosures, vendor-contract management, construction defect litigation, and construction contracts.

Real Estate Law

Landlord And Tenant Representation

We provide pertinent counsel on various matters including strategy development, property acquisition, property renewal, property disposal, portfolio development, relocations, displacement, property taxes, and all property negotiations.

Satisfied Client Stories

I am very impressed with how this firm addressed my issues. I was particularly impressed by the efforts they made to communicate with me in every step of the process.

King Law Firm addresses all my real estate concerns. I am very busy and it is a big relief to entrust all my concerns to a trustworthy and confidential team of experts. I highly recommend them.

I was hesitant of engaging the firm because of my previous experience with a different law firm. Two years later, I am very impressed. King Law Firm always treats me like a big client and they listen to all my concerns.

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