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When You’re Injured at Work, Call King Law Firm!

If you were injured at work, you are probably worried about a vast range of things. When will you be able to get back to work? Who pays for your medical bills? How can you afford to live without your job?

These questions are common because the process for obtaining workers’ compensation is intentionally complicated. Insurance companies and your workplace will try to pay you less than they actually can because they want to save money. Your employer might pressure you to come back to work before you are fully healed and ready. You need an aggressive lawyer to represent you and help you get the compensation you need to fully recover.

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Don’t Let Your Employer Take Advantage of You

You need somebody who is on your side during your time of recovery. Employers are infamous for trying to take advantage of their workers who are out because of an injury. It is important to know your rights while you file for workers’ compensation.

Your rights as a worker who was injured generally are:

Your employer cannot fire you

You have the right to see a doctor other than your company doctor


You still retain your right to privacy, so you cannot be spied on in your home


You do not have to return to work until a doctor says you are ready


The insurance company’s offer is not final until you sign

Best personal Injury lawyers in Jacksonville NC
Best personal Injury lawyers in Jacksonville NC
Best personal Injury lawyers in Jacksonville NC
Best personal Injury lawyers in Jacksonville NC
Best personal Injury lawyers in Jacksonville NC
Best personal Injury lawyers in Jacksonville NC

Before you sign anything, call King Law Firm to make sure that you are getting the best deal and maximum compensation in your work injury case.


Does My Injury Qualify for Workers’ Comp?

Just because your injury occurred at work, doesn’t mean it qualifies for workers’ comp. The injury must meet the following criteria: “An employee who is injured as a result of an on the job accident that arises out of their employment.” There must be an identifiable cause of your injury outside of your normal work routine. Whether or not your injury was caused by an accident is frequently contested in workers’ comp cases, which is why you need a skilled and experienced attorney fighting for you.

Aggressive Representation You Can Trust

We have been practicing workers’ compensation law in North Carolina for over 30 years. In that time, we have obtained over $50 million for our clients, many of whom were injured while they were at work. We believe that you deserve to be compensated fairly for your workplace injury and we will fight to make it right.

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