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North Carolina Separation Agreement

Married couples sometimes come to a point in their marriage where they no longer wish to continue their lives together. In most cases, once a couple reaches this point, they start the divorce process to end their marriage. Another option Some couples choose is Legal Separation.

In North Carolina, it is not necessary to file for a legal separation prior to divorce.  However, North Carolina law requires a couple to be physically separated for at least one year and a day before they can file for an absolute divorce. The date the couple begins living apart, in separate residences is the beginning of the one year and a day time period for separation.

Why File For Legal Separation?

If you and your spouse are considering divorce but think your marriage may be able to be saved, Legal Separation might be a better solution. With a legal separation, reconciliation is still a course of legal action that can be taken whereas it would not be much more difficult with a formal divorce. Legal Separation is a complicated process.  You need an experienced family lawyer to help protect your assets and guide you through the complex legal process of legal separation

The King Law Firm has years of experience with family law matters including separation agreements. We’ve helped thousands of North Carolinians facing divorce, legal separation as well as other related issues such as Child Custody and Support.

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    At the King Law Firm, we realize divorce and separation are stressful matters.    Take the necessary steps to assure you are being represented by an experienced Family  Lawyer.  Contact the King Law Firm Today


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