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What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

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What Exactly is Workers Compensation?

Workers’ compensation insurance protects businesses and employees from potential financial loss if an employee gets hurt or falls sick because of a work-related cause. It’s also known as Workmans’ comp and Workers’ comp.

It’s only the employer, and not the employee, who pays for workers’ compensation. Employers also benefit through workers’ compensation because it protects them from potential workers’ comp claims that can cripple a business.

The states have individual workers compensation laws and programs, including the federal government’s separate program for federal employees. so it’s better to have your worker’s compensation lawyer in Wilmington, NC guide you.

Who has workers compensation coverage?

Not all employees have workers’ compensation coverage. It, and the compensation amount, depends on the state law, size of the business, job risks, and type of employees’ work. States don’t include some employees like domestic employees, farmworkers, and seasonal or casual workers.

What does workers’ compensation cover?

Workers’ compensation covers not only workplace injuries but also job-related ones. Examples are injuries incurred on a business trip, while running a work-related errand or while attending a company social function.

Workers’ compensation doesn’t cover injuries inflicted when the employee was intoxicated or using illegal drugs. It also doesn’t cover self-inflicted wounds like fights, and casualties inflicted when the worker was not working, committing a serious crime, or while violating the company’s policy.

It’s not always necessary that the injury is inflicted by accidents like a slip and fall, to claim for workers compensation. You can also claim compensation for damages that are a consequence of overuse or misuse.

Examples are repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and chronic spinal or neck problems.

You can also claim benefits for illnesses and diseases that are a consequence of work conditions like heart problems, lung disease, or stress-induced digestive problems.

What does workers’ compensation pay?

Workers comp not only pays your hospital and diagnosis and treatment expenses but also provides disability payments if you cannot work because of the injury.

Reporting the injury

Employees who get injured on the job should immediately report the injury to the supervisor. The report should include the injury time, date, and circumstances.

While each state has different injury reporting requirements, report injuries as soon as possible. Report job-related illnesses that worsen with time, as soon as you get a diagnosis and learn that the injury or disease was job-related.

The employee should get the right medical treatment if injured on the job, and taken to the emergency room or have an ambulance called if required. Employers should also approve of the employees’ time off from work if they need time to recover.

Making a claim 

Employees have to gather some information files while claiming workers’ compensation benefits. It includes company information, the injured employee’s information, and accident details.

The claim is then filed with the insurance company as soon as possible. If the employee cannot file a claim, a reputed workers compensation lawyer in Wilmington, NC, can claim on their behalf.


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