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Common Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Board Certified North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

It doesn’t matter what type of work you do, construction worker, food industry worker or even an office worker, you are at risk of being injured in the workplace. Every day all types of workers are seriously injured in jobs requiring lifting heavy objects, walking and performing tasks on web floors, exposure to dangerous chemicals and toxins, and the list goes on.  Even though office work may not be as risky as working around dangerous chemicals, workers are still in danger of repetitive stress injuries, slip and falls due to floors not being properly cleaned or even emotional stress.

At King Law Firm we see all types of work-related injuries and in our 30+ years, we have represented work injury victims over just about every type of work injury case imaginable. Some of the more common types of work injury cases we see in North Carolina are related to Construction work injury claims, healthcare work injury claims, and service industry work injury claims. We also work to assist with the Defense Base Act, (DBA) cases.

If you’ve been injured at the workplace, contact one of our board-certified workers’ compensation lawyers today for a free case evaluation. (800) 635-1683 There’s no obligation when meeting with our attorneys and staff. We’ve been helping injured North Carolinians for 30+ years and we can help you to. Get the Aggressive Legal Representation You Deserve.

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Below Are Some Of The Most Common Types Of Workers’ Compensation Injuries


It is often caused when an employee pulls, pushes lifts or carries some type of object that can result in sprained or torn muscles, ligament and tendons which in some cases leads to serious back injuries. This probably the most common work injury.

Slip And Falls

A slip and fall accident can happen on almost any type of job.  Warehouse workers, construction workers, and even office workers.  Often people spill food and drink that isn’t cleaned up or the flooring is not maintained and workers slip and fall when doing their daily routine. This can cause sprained or torn ligaments, spinal cord damage, or even more serious head injuries and bone fractures.

Repetitive Motion

Many professions require a worker to perform the same action or movement many times over. This can result in neck, arm, shoulder and wrist injuries and sometimes problems with vision. Carpel Tunel Syndrom is one of the most common work injuries experienced.

Falling Objects

A worker can experience Fractures, neck injuries, back injuries or even brain damage when injured by objects that fall from forklifts, shelves or pallets, ladders, and upper-level work areas.

Falls From Heights

Workers can fall from high equipment, roofs, multi-level inventory areas, ladders, scaffolding, and falls down stairs, which can result in life-altering injuries or even deaths.

Vehicular Accidents

When workers are driving company vehicles such as trucks, cars, vans tractors, forklifts, and heavy machinery, crashes can occur with a deadly outcome for the workers.

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