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Do I Need A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

North Carolina Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Do I need a workers’ compensation lawyer?

This question pops into the minds of most work-related injury victims. You may feel you can handle the case on your own because workers’ compensation claims are straightforward.

However, there are quite a few reasons and benefits to consulting a workers’ compensation lawyer.

How can a worker’s compensation attorney help? 

It’s better first to find out how your workers’ compensation attorney can help. They are personal injury lawyers that specialize in workplace injuries and negligence on your employer’s part. You should always seek a board-certified workers’ compensation attorney when possible. 

They help you receive compensation for medical bills, loss of pay, and the pain and suffering due to a workplace injury. Chances are if you have injured yourself on the job, you qualify for workers’ compensation.

Reasons to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer 


Here are some reasons why it’s better to consult an attorney if you suffer from a workplace injury.


  1. The employer’s insurance carrier usually decides the care and compensation you receive in your claim. They work to keep your compensation and costs as low as possible. Your attorney will negotiate with insurance companies to get you maximum benefits. 
  1. It’s difficult focusing on legal aspects of the claim while dealing with an injury, loss of income, and family matters. An attorney specializing in workers’ compensation will handle the case while you focus on other issues. 
  1. The employer’s insurance company can send you to a specific doctor or facility for your medical treatment. However, your attorney can help approve your request to get treated by your chosen provider. 
  1. Sometimes the employer’s insurance company may not approve the treatment a physician recommends. Your attorney can help get approval for the medical treatment from the insurance company. 
  1. You may only think about claiming your existing medical bills. However, you may, at times, still need treatment after returning to work. There’s, unfortunately, no automatic ongoing payment for these treatments. But your lawyer can help obtain compensation for your future treatment. 
  1. The employer’s insurance provider will try to convince your employer to get you back to work as soon as possible. It’s, however, not always safe to rush back without complete recovery. A layperson will not be able to resolve the issue based on the complex rules for suitable employment. An experienced workers’ comp attorney will be able to help. 
  1. Many a time, workers’ compensation claimants return to a ‘made-up’ job without any job security or satisfaction. There’s thus a chance of getting terminated from these jobs. Your attorney, who has experience fighting similar job termination cases, can help. 
  1. Your employer’s insurance company has to create a vocational rehabilitation plan to retrain you for employment if your employer doesn’t have a job suiting your restrictions.  However, an insufficient vocational rehabilitation plan only leads to future low-paying employment. Your attorney can help you with this return-to-work process.


With eight reasons and benefits to hiring a worker’s compensation attorney, you should have your answer to, ‘Do I need a workers’ compensation lawyer?’.  Your lawyer will help win the settlement outside of court or ensure the court judge awards your rightful compensation. Of course, there’s no guarantee that your attorney will win your case.  However, you do have a much better chance of getting the best deal possible with their legal expertise and know-how.


King Law Firm has been helping North Carolinians for 30+ years. Attorney Ken King and Attorney Leah King are both Board Certified Workers Compensation Specialists. The state of North Carolina recognizes both as experts in this area of the law. Don’t risk your Workers’ Compensation case with just anyone.


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