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Injured At Company Function Do I Qualify for Workers Comp

Do I qualify for Workers Compensation If I’m injured at a company function? You probably know that you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits if you hurt your back while loading boxes at work.  However, you wonder if you are eligible for claims if you slip and...

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring a Workers Comp Lawyer

5 Mistakes to avoid when hiring a workers comp lawyer in Wilmington Going through the ordeal of a work-related injury or illness is bad enough. To make things worse, you have to practically fight for your claims and benefits. You can't do this on your own. You need to...

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North Carolina Bankruptcy Lawyers It all depends on your current situation. Without a doubt, filing for bankruptcy can be a lifesaver when in serious debt. It will wipe the slate clean, stop collection phone calls and letters, and give you a fresh new start. Almost...

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Avoiding Injury While On The Job

North Carolina Worker's Compensation Lawyers It’s virtually impossible to prevent an occasional accident, but staying safe at the workplace should always be a number one priority. By following safety tips, you can greatly lower the chance of having an injury on the...

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How Should You Plead – Guilty or Not Guilty?

North Carolina Criminal Lawyers After you have been arrested, your first court hearing, “ an arraignment, “ is normally scheduled within 30 days.  At the arraignment, the charges that have been filed against you will be read along with the possible consequences of...

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Prevent a Foreclosure by Filing for Bankruptcy?

North Carolina Bankruptcy Lawyers One of the most important reasons you may want to consider filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is it will halt the foreclosure of your home and will allow you three to five years to get caught up on all of your back payments through a...

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Can Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Workers Comp Claim?

North Carolina Workers' Compensation Lawyers Those who have a pre-existing condition that relates to your work-related injury, the pre-existing condition will more than likely have a negative impact on the compensation and medical treatment you receive. However, an...

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What You Should Do If You Get Hit By A Car

Being hit by a car is without a doubt a terrifying experience and a potentially life-threatening situation. Unfortunately, you still need to take the proper steps to protect yourself. By doing so, you will ensure your financial protection and most importantly, your...

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Can Filing For Bankruptcy Prevent A Foreclosure?

North Carolina Bankruptcy Lawyers Being proactive and filing for bankruptcy before your house is sold at a sale may help you stop or prevent the foreclosure of your residence.  If you want to prevent a foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy in North Carolina, you should...

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Why Your Automobile Should Have A Dash Cam

North Carolina Auto Accident Lawyers The days on only seeing a dashcam car chase in a big-budget Hollywood movie are long gone. These days dash cams are standard equipment in most new automobiles. Dash cams are widely becoming one of the most common forms of evidence...

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